Interior Painting

We live our lives daily inside our homes and the paint job we get should reflect that. This is why we are Holistic Painting. As we believe in the idea of a quality paint job with clean lines, Zero or Low VOC paint and respectful painters.

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Exterior Painting

Holistic Painting LLC works intensively to provide you with only the highest quality exterior painting services that guarantee both beauty and longevity. The weather is tough here so protect your investment from the elements the right way.

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Fine Art and Photography

Holistic Painting LLC™ has teamed up with Artist Maximus™ as a result we now offer a full line of amazing fine art prints and custom wall hangings to make your space even more inspiring. Incorporating art in the painting process can be lots of fun.

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Free Estimates

Give us a call and an expert will be happy to evaluate your home and give you an estimate based on your wants and needs.

2 + year Warranty

Peace of mind painting. We provide a full 2-yr warranty on our workmanship so rest assured your in good hands.

Reasonable Price

We provide a quality paint job that is made to last! This saves you money. We work within your budget to achieve the best job possible.

Eco-Friendly Power Washing

By using plant friendly detergents and bleach in tune with a conscientious team. We take great care of your environment and your surfaces.

Cabinets, Millwork & Banisters

Beautiful, soft to the touch, washable and durable. These are the qualities we achieve with all our fine finishes and it shows!

Deck Staining and Re-Finishing

Bring your old or even new deck or fence to life for years to come. We specialize in finishes that meet the demands of our climate. It's rough out there!

Stain, Lacquer & Varnish

If you like that natural wood look, or the feel of an ultra smooth lacquer finish then you've come to the right place. We're good at it!

Faux and Decorative Finishes

Wanna get creative? Awesome! Lets turn a room or wall into a new world of layered color, designs with flair even metallic paint is available.

Painting Contractor Services

Need a Sub? But still want the assurance of quality and professionalism your clients have grown to expect? We got you. Give us a call.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Wash & Repair
  • Mask & Paint
  • Clean & Final Walk

Step 1 is the estimating process where we meet and do a thorough walk through with you and discuss all the details of your project. Here is where you let us know everything you want done. We can point out any troubled areas and answer any questions you may have. Once the estimate is approved by you a contract and warranty document is then created and signed by both parties. At this time a date is agreed on that works for us both. Once the date is set your project is scheduled and no other projects will be set during that time.

Step 2 is where the work begins. First we wash the entire house using plant safe and eco friendly soaps and detergents, safely removing and dirt, mildew or mold that may be on the house ensuring a clean surface to paint.  Afterwards we do any repairs and preparation. We scrape and sand any loose paint or unusually rough surfaces as needed, then we caulk any windows, seams and joints using a lifetime elastomeric caulk for ultimate flexibility, finally we fill and sand any nail holes or knots on the surface. These steps are an important part of protecting your home.

Step 3 is the most important step of all. Both interior and exterior painting are very similar in the way we go about painting. We protect all your possessions and surfaces with drop cloths, plastic or masking papers to assure a neat and clean environment at all times. We believe that your home is yours even during the painting process, so we work in phases by sections masking and painting then removing the masking as we go along, so each area becomes available to you at the end of each day. For example, If doing a full interior repaint we will paint all the ceiling at once, all the millwork (trim) at once and all the walls at once. At the end of each day your home remains accessible.


Step 4 is our quality assurance and full satisfaction step. After the project is complete. everything is painted and all masking is removed, we pack up all our tools, consolidate all the paint leaving you with some touch up paint for all the rooms and kinds. Then a supervisor will do a thorough walk through of the project to ensure we have done the highest quality work possible. Afterwards when we are confident of the final result you will be notified and using a roll of blue tape and your own eagle eyes walk through the project with us pointing out anything you see that may be out of place or want more attention to be given. We then fix right away all the taped areas until you are fully satisfied with our craftsmanship and your new home. Final Payment is due then but no worries if you see something later as your warranty covers it and we’ll be happy to take care of it for you.


P.O Box 551 Sandy, Oregon 97055
Phone: (503) 607 9394
Open: 7 days from 8am. – 8pm.